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Archives Month

October 2018

Tennessee Remembers: The Great War in Tennessee Archives

Following the Society of American Archivists and a number of other state archivists' associations, the Society of Tennessee Archivists Executive Committee agreed to begin celebrating Archives Month beginning in October 2009. For the previous nine years, archivists in Tennessee have celebrated Tennessee Archives Week each fall with events such as open houses, exhibits, tours, workshops, etc. The change means that we archivists now have a longer period of time for us to demonstrate and celebrate "who we are and what we do."
As in the past, STA encourages archivists to develop a celebration that is suitable to them and their repository. If you'd like more information on what Archives Month is, information on how to celebrate Archives Month, or suggestions on planning an Archives Month event, contact the STA President or download a copy of our newly revised Tennessee Archives Month Action Guide below.

  • Click here for an Archives Month Action Guide
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